I don't like racket sports

The ideal beach activity

It's normal to not like playing rackets when the equipment is not adapted. But let Frescobol change your mind !
There are many reasons why one would dislike racket sports : the ball is going too fast, the court is too big or too small, the rallies are too hard, there is no bounce, the ball is too light, the racket is too heacy, etc.

But Frescobol, has a solution for all these problems :
  • The weight of the bat has been precisely studied, it is neither too heavy nor too light and its grip is very comfortable. You can play for hours without fearing a tendonitis.
  • No court limits, you can play anywhere you want. You can play 5 meters or 50 meters away from your opponent.
  • The rallies are too fast ? Use the foam ball.
  • The rallies are too slow ? Use the rubber ball.
  • You are running too much ? Let the rubber ball bounce on the ground.
As you see, in addition to providing incredible sensations, frescobol is also a moment of fun and sharing between families and friends.
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