Who are we ?

Why Frescobol ?

Frescobol 1946 is the story of a small group of friends with a common passion for racket sports.

Discovering brazilian frescobol was a revelation. The game convinced the team to go ahead with designing and marketing its own brand, Frescobol 1946®, with the desire to make this activity known to the largest number of people.

Why is our logo a lifeguard hut? First of all because lifeguards are closely linked to the origin of Frescobol, having participated in its broadcast and development.

The hut is also for us an inseparable element of the beach universe, reminding us of the sand, the sea, vacations... always under the careful watch of lifeguards.

Beach, garden, park, when you like racket sports, you practice as soon as you have a little space. Frescobol is particularly suited to this and invites everyone to practice at their own pace, whether it be sporty for the most motivated or relaxed for the others!