Collection: Birka Padel ◊ Warrior Unleash ◊

Line born out of our passion for racquet sports and our experience in designing and assembling top-of-the-range rackets. We've launched a new brand that's 100% Padel! The results are efficient, sober and sporty products!

The golden helmet brand

Strength, Determination, Robustness and Non-conformism are the values represented by our new Padel Palas.

Our attention to detail and our desire to offer demanding products have resulted in rackets with real technical advantages for high-level play, with a distinctive identity creating a unique product!

Our Diamond-Force and Hexa-Force racquets have similar technical characteristics, designed to give you top-level playing ability.

Choose the emblematic, status-laden Diamond-Force or opt for the Hexa-Force with its modern, trendy cut!

The choice is yours...
raquette de padel carbone 12k

2 design - 1 setup

Conventional and iconic or modern and trendy? Either way, you'll enjoy a padel racket with top-of-the-range technical features! So, team Diamond or Hexa?

raquette padel diamant

"Warrior" profile

Diamond and Hexa both have an aggressive profile. Their shape allows them to play more offensively - for the Warriors!

surface 3D padel

Special ball-effects finish

Our rackets are fully coated with a layer of silica sand for lift and precision.

Carbon Surface 12K

The 12K carbon fibre mesh has been selected to deliver a powerful, direct rebound while ensuring good control of the return.

NVS Anti-Vibration System

Our patented system absorbs vibrations in the handle to keep your pala securely in place.

raquette de padel cadeau

The attention to detail

Because padel rackets are precious objects, we felt it was essential to protect them and show them off to their best advantage.