I already have beach rackets

Why switch to frescobol bats

If you are refering to these cheap rackets you buy in the summer at the shore, then it is time to switch to Frescobol !

No more rackets that only last one summer, that break, and with the handle that comes loose before the end of the season.

Before we discovered Frescobol, we were the victims of these rackets, bought at the first beach store we came accross. We played with them for years, without conviction and frustrated by the poor game quality and the lack of sensations.

But once you try Frescobol paddles, you will never buy any other beach rackets again.

Our Frescobol beach paddles are durable. Made with great care from wood then coated with vernish, you will have them for many years. In addition to being high quality rackets, they are also beautiful objets you will enjoy handle and show off.
passez à la raquette de plage de qualité premium