Frescobol rules

1. The field

Frescobol is traditionally played on the beach, but it can be played anywhere else: garden or park. It is just important that the playing field is flat and free of stones or vegetation. There is no official size. It can be 5m, 10m or 50m long depending on the space available, the level of the players and the desired style of play. Unlike other racquet sports, the use of a net is not necessary. However, it is possible to use a net or even play on a tennis court.

The field can be hard (wet sand, asphalt, grass) or slightly loose (dry sand).

2. The players
Frescobol is a beach game that is most often played by two players, but like tennis, it is possible to play doubles. The players face each other to exchange balls. There is no minimum age to play frescobol. 

3. The balls
Before starting the game, it is important to decide which ball to use. The rubber ball is fast and bounces easily on hard surfaces. It is not very sensitive to wind. Exchanges can be very long, allowing players to be positioned far apart. The rubber ball is perfect for experienced players or those looking for speed and feel. It requires more control, precision and movement from the players. The hitting force is very surprising at first. 

The foam ball is light and does not bounce on the ground. More prone to wind, it requires that players are not too far from each other. It is perfect for playing in gardens and parks or when there are people around because it requires little movement. The exchanges are shorter and slower. The foam ball is perfect for learning frescobol.

4. The Game
There are no particular rules. The game consists only in sending the ball back to the opponent. Before starting the game, the players decide if they want to keep score or not. They can set up a court if they wish, and they can also agree on the number of bounces allowed. Racket strokes can be dry or dampened, the ball can be smashed or lobbed, spooned, forehand, backhand, everything is allowed.

The important thing is to enjoy yourself and have fun, but also to match your game with your partner's. The game can be aggressive if the players are looking for competitiveness and challenge but it can also be more relaxed.

In frescobol, it is the beauty of the game that is important. The goal is to make as many exchanges as possible at a steady pace. Once the players master the technique, they enjoy looking for the style. Because the game of frescobol is a whole that combines technicality, performance and elegance. The great flexibility of the game offered by the rackets and balls makes it the ideal activity where sport meets relaxation.

5. The duration
Frescobol games are as long as the players want. There is no set time limit. It is even difficult to stop playing! In general, the game ends to take a dip and cool off, or to pass the rackets to friends who are dying to try! Yes, because frescobol is so stylish to play and to watch that it creates envy and curiosity. 

At the beach we always regret having forgotten our frescobol rackets, never to have brought them!